The Prequel: Storge

Storge is the prequel in a series that I am currently developing entitled the Laoche Chronicles. It’s a YA high fantasy that takes place in the world of Laoche roughly 1500 years before the start of the series and lays the groundwork for the worldbuilding and major plot points later on. It’s a character-driven story that’s part political drama, part civil war, and part fantastical family adventure. See below the Synopsis for relevant links to posts about this WIP! If an item doesn’t have a link, then that post is in construction and will be added shortly!


The city of Maaren had always been divided. The Atilan long ruled over the Debilan and Avian populations with secret magic and an iron fist, but now Anarchists have risen up to challenge their rulers, leaving chaos and terror in the wake of their riots. Society is in shambles, or at least, quickly heading towards it.

The Laine family is outcast: debilan hiding their magic, only just barely surviving on the fringes of society, and yet trying to support their community in any way they can.

Acheran and Chara are outsiders: avian siblings who hide away from the growing unrest safe within the cliffs. He sells his wares to whoever will buy; she argues with whoever will listen.

Soon, both families find themselves caught in the middle of the conflict. A conflict that will lead to a nasty civil war. A conflict that, in the end, only they can stop.

Character Introductions

Worldbuilding Information


As I edit the story, and find passages I really enjoy and find worthy of officially sharing on this site, I’ll post them and link them here. None are available yet, but check back soon for some real writing! *gasp*

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