Welcome to the World of Laoche!

Laoche is the name of the high fantasy universe that houses my main Work In Progress and the object of my writerly endeavors for the past six years, and it includes the works Storge, which is a standalone prequel novel, and The Laoche Chronicles, which is going to be a trilogy that takes place roughly 1500 years after the events of Storge. More information on these individual stories can be found on each of their respective pages! Information relevent to the entire work, such as worldbuilding posts, timelines, and maps will be posted on this page for ease of reference.

Current status and plan for each work in the series:

Storge: Completed first draft of the manuscript. I’m currently reading through it to take notes and highlight any problems that will need to be fixed in the first edit, which I’ll be starting in September, 2020. Once that edit is completed, I’ll be recruiting my first round of beta readers!

The Laoche Chronicles: Outlining. I have an idea of the plot for each of the three books and a truly ridiculous amount of notes I’ve assembled in various school-notebooks, phone notes, and documents that need to be organized and turned into a proper outline before I can begin drafting. The books in the trilogy also need to be titled… you’d think after six years I’d have figured that out by now.