The Laoche Chronicles

The Chronicles is the main work that takes place on the world of Laoche, and it is currently in the outlining stage. It will be an adult high/epic fantasy trilogy.


Madelyn, Prince Stephan, and Alric are students together at the mage’s academy in the capital city of Arga, and the story opens on them receiving their final assignment: to retrieve a legendary staff from the city-state across the sea. Madelyn is ready for an adventure. Prince Stephan is ready to move on from school and start helping his country. Alric is ready for murder. His mentor, Volon is planning a coup, and promised riches and safety for him and his family if he could get rid of the “princeling problem” while they are conveniently out-of-country. The deal is too good and Alric is too desperate to pass it up.

In the wake of his betrayal, Stephan and Madelyn are separated and presumed dead in a dangerous foreign land, while Stephan’s younger brother, the Crown Prince Seth is forced to flee for his life. He journeys to his brother’s last known location, but only finds Madelyn – furious, hurt, and missing her magic. Despite their reluctance to trust each other, it’s all they have left, and so they set out together to find Stephan, and a way to fight back against the mages. With new powers leveraged against them, and the mysteries of their world’s magic unraveling in their wake, will they be able to take back their kingdom?