Character Introduction: Acheran Amulearn

[Image ID: A digitally drawn portrait of an Avian from the neck up. He has a human-like face, dark skin with orange-red undertones and blue highlights, and “hair” of feathers covering his head. He has an angular face, and looks at the viewer with a neutral expression. His plumage is orange red, and his feathers are fluffy and disheveled. Though not shown in the drawing, Avians have four wings, he wears loose fitting work clothing and carries belts and straps full of carving tools. This portrait was done by @_.par0xysm._ on Instagram! End Image ID.]

Age: 21

Role in the Story: Observer, a scientist studying magic though his art of charm making.


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Character Introduction: Grace Laine

Image ID: A digitally drawn portrait of a young girl drawn from the neck up. She has warm ruddy brown skin and dark freckles, dark brown hair in a cloud of tight curls around her head, and large brown eyes. She looks straight forward with a neutral expression and wears a yellow headband with a bow. Though not shown in the photo, she wears an old and simply styled sundress that’s been patched and torn several times. This portrait was done by @_.par0xysm._ on Instagram!

Age: 12

Role in the Story: The Fighter, a Debilan girl who kills magic and resists it all


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Character Introduction: Enne Laine

Image ID: A digitally drawn portrait of a teenage girl from the neck up. Enne has warm brown skin with golden undertones and freckles dusted across her nose. Her dark brown hair is shoulder length and cork-screw curly. Her eyes are dark brown, she wears gold hoop earrings and she looks at the audience with a neutral expression. Though not shown in the picture, she’s tall and thin, dresses neatly in carefully mended white practical day dresses that fall to her knees and sandals. This portrait was done by @_.par0xysm._ on Instagram!

Age: 19

Role In The Story: The Guard, a Debilan girl who can hear magic, the cautious voice of reason


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Character Introduction: Luca Laine

Image ID: A digitally drawn portrait showing a teenaged boy from the neck up. Lucian has light-brown skin, an angular jaw, and choppy straight brown hair that reaches chin-level. Though not shown in his portrait, he’s average height, thin, and acrobatic. His clothes are mostly his father’s old things that don’t fit so they’re too large, threadbare, and patchy but comfortable and worn in. He always wears long sleeves to cover fractal-shaped burn scars on his arms and back that glow golden with magic. This portrait was done by @_.par0xysm._ on Instagram!

Age: 16

Role In The Story: Protagonist, a Debilan boy hiding powerful magic, the inspiration others need, impulsively self-sacrificing hero, teenager who’s in over his head


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