This is a page where I feature all the art that’s been made of my OCs! Some of it is mine, as I’ve been teaching myself how to draw so that I can illustrate these characters. Others are fanart that were done for me by some of my amazing friends on tumblr! They’re not arranged in any paticular order – I have a few pieces from some of the artists, so I tried to break them up so you can see a variety of styles as you scroll, but other than that there’s no hierarchy – I love them all! They are each credited in the descriptions of their art. Go check them out! They’re all wonderful!

[Image ID: A digitally done drawing of a pale girl with blond hair standing beside a bookshelf with a red sash. She’s wearing a brown dress, holding a scroll of paper tied with a purple ribbon. She faces right, but turns her head over her shoulder to look left with a surprised expression. End Image ID.]

In Trouble

This one is called, “Madelyn, you probably aren’t supposed to be reading that scroll, are you?” She’s one of the main character’s of the Laoche Chronicles, and she was drawn for me by Katie Koontz as a reward for being a part of her patreon. You can find her @abalonetea on both patreon and tumblr!

[Image ID: A digital drawing of a teenaged girl from the waste up wearing a white dress. She has brown skin and dark brown curly hair that falls to her shoulders, and looks to the right with a smile. one hand is behind her neck, the other holding a bunch of yellow flowers. End image ID]
Enne Laine

This was drawn by my friend North, who you can find @inkwell-attidue on tumblr! I love how her expression turned out!

[Image ID: A digitally drawn scene with a man sitting on a rock in a field, with the sky and a branch with yelow flowers above him. He has fair, tan skin and light brown hair that falls to his chin and he’s wearing chainmail armor with shoulder plates. He looks down as he buckles on his gloves to prepare for training. End image ID]
Of Metal, Flowers, and Princes

This lovely scene of Seth preparing for training was drawn for me by Katie Koontz as a reward for being a part of her patreon. You can find her @abalonetea on both patreon and tumblr!

[Image ID: A greyscale pencil drawing done on blank paper, showing a man and a woman from the waist up. The woman stands in front wearing a simple white dress. She has dark skin and hair in cornrow braids that fall to her mid-back, and turns her head to kiss her husband. He has lighter skin and long straight hair that’s partially pulled back. He stands behind her, one arm around her shoulders and the other holding her hand. His eyes are shut and he’s smiling. End Image ID.]

Anda and Aimon Laine

This absolutely adorable picture of the Laine parents was done by Lula, who you can find @davey-in-a-minivan on tumblr! I love how she shaded it, and the perspective is really cool!

[Image ID: a young girl standng in a street, with blurry scenery in brown and grey behind her. She has dark skin and dark brown curly hair that falls to her mid-back, and wears a knee length yellow sundress that’s stained and torn from old fights. She’s smiling as she ties her hair back with a bandana. End Image ID.]
Grace Laine

This cute illustration of Grace was drawn for me by Katie Koontz as a reward for being a part of her patreon. You can find her @abalonetea on both patreon and tumblr!

[Image ID: a greyscale pencil drawing done on plain paper. A man stands in a room with a fireplace, halfway through a side step and playing a violin. He looks to the right so his face is shown in profile and he’s smiling slightly. He wears a simple loose shirt, vest, breeches, and knee high boots, and he has long straight hair in a ponytail. Masks float around his head almost like a wreath. His pet, a shapeshifter currently in the form of a cat with bat wings, lays next to the fireplace.
Weswin and Eep

I drew this sketch of Weswin to help develop his character design and personality. The masks represent a magical curse, but for now, they’re not bothering him too much.

[Image ID: A pen and pencil drawing on blank paper, of one of my Avians. She stands looking in profile to the left with one leg slightly bent, leaning foward on a podium where one hand rests and she rests her chin on the other. Her wings are raised behind her, with one set at her shoulders and one at her back. She has short fluffy feathers for “hair”, wears a long coat, and has a pensive expression. End Image ID.]


Another portrait done by the lovely Lula, this time of one of my avian characters! I’m thrilled with how the wings and her head feathers look, and it really captures her personality! You can find Lula on tumblr @davey-in-a-minivan!

[Image ID: a drawing done in blue and black pen on white paper with flower accents. It shows a female avian flying to the left on a slight angle, with her two larger wings flapping and two smaller wings at the waist extended for stability. She turns her head to look out of the page and smile and wave at the audience. her other hand carries a basket on a strap. She wears a halter tang-top and loose shorts. End image ID]

Chara Flying

Another sketch I did for practice, this time in learning how to pose and do anatomy of these fantasy creatures, and work out foreshortening on the wings. Technically speaking, it’s a little wonky but overall I’m happy with how it turned out.

[Image ID: A colored pencil drawing of a courtroom in perspective, with a crown on a raised platform surrounded by pillars with a red carpet down the center of the floor. A woman with light brown skin and dark brown wavy hair sits in the throne with her legs crossed and one hand raised to near her face, smiling at the viewer like she knows something you don’t. She wears a lavish purple and blue dress, a crown, and strappy sandals. End Image ID.]
[Image ID: A colored pencil drawing of the same woman as above, this time standing in a dark corridor with a light open space behind her as if she just stepped through a doorway, and there are torches illuminating the space around her. She’s wearing a blue dress with a red sash and a slit, is carrying a staff, and scowling at the viewer. The speech bubble beside her head reads “OH you mean THIS staff?!”, and there’s a smaller one in the bottom left corner that very quitly says “oh fuck.” End Image ID.]

Lady Elize

These portraits of were done by my sister, Bella! Lady Elize is one of the villains of Storge, but she has some style. You can find her on tumblr @bella-marie-artist!

[Image ID: a digitally drawn portrait of a girl from the bust up on a dark background, with a light source coming from the left. She has dark skin and freckles and dark curly hair that falls to her shoulders. She wears a white wrap dress with tang-top sleevs and a blindfold, and looks towards the light while listening to her surroundings. Flecks of color and sparks float through the air around her.

The Music of Magic

This lovely portrait of Enne was drawn for me by Katie Koontz as a reward for being a part of her patreon. You can find her @abalonetea on both patreon and tumblr! I love the atmosphere of how this one turned out!

[Image ID: a pencil and pen drawing done on blank white paper of a man from the waist up. He’s in a fighter’s pose, holding a longsword with both hands. He has wavy hair that’s somewhat falling in his face, and he wears chainmail, an overshirt with a crest on it, and a lopsided crown. He’s scowling, and is sporting a few cuts and a black eye. End image ID.]

Soldier. Exile. King.

Another practice drawing I did of Seth, to practice his character design and costume. This was supposed to be a 10 minute sketch over my lunch break but I was so pleased with how it turned out, I inked it on the spot.

Image ID: a hand drawn portrait in prismacolor of a teenaged girl from the waist up. She has warm brown skin, dark curly hair to just above her shoulders, and large brown eyes. She looks at the audience with a slight smile. She wears a yellow dress with a low neckline and off-the shoulder sleeves, hoop earrings, and a necklace.
Image ID: a hand drawn portrait in prismacolor of a young girl from the waist up. She has warm brown skin, dark hair pulled up messily into two high buns, with a few longer strands falling around her face. She looks to the left with a mischevious smile. She wears a red dress with off the shoulder sleeves that have yellow bows, and a matching yellow headband with a bow.

The Laine Sisters

This pair of portraits was done by my wonderful sister, Bella! I love how cute they turned out! You can find her on tumblr @bella-marie-artist!

[Image ID: A pencil and pen drawing of two figures fighting back to back and glancing at each other, smiling. The one in front is a shorter woman wearing a practical battle-dress and wielding a staff that sparks blue magic. Her hair is light, and mostly loose though held back with a couple of braids. Behind her is a taller man with hair that falls around his ears, wearing chainmail and a soldier’s frock, holding a sword above his head and a shield to the back. End Image ID.]
[Image ID: Detail of the staff from the above picture, the wood twisting around itself and the gemstone glowing a dim dark blue color. End Image ID]

Battle Couple

These are two inktober prompts that I did! Madelyn and Seth are the characters in the first image, and the second is a detail of Madelyn’s Staff. I’m pretty happy with how the posing turned out!

If you’ve done art for me, and it isn’t featured here, feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll be sure to add it!

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