This is a page where I feature all the art that’s been made of my OCs! Some of it is mine, as I’ve been teaching myself how to draw so that I can illustrate these characters. Others are fanart that were done for me by some of my amazing friends on tumblr! They are each credited in the descriptions of their art. Go check them out! They’re all wonderful!

These were all drawn for me by Katelyn Koontz as rewards on her patreon! She’s a great friend of mine and the rewards are a lot of fun, so be sure to check her out @abalonetea! She’s also on tumblr under the same username.

The WONDERFUL @siarven drew these beautiful illustrations for me as a birthday gift! They’re one of my best writer friends and I love love love how these turned out! This character belongs to the story Runaways! Spoiler: Cecelia gets a design change about halfway through the book >:)

This portrait of Enne was drawn by my friend North, known as @inkwell-attitude on tumblr!

This is all my art! I’ve been teaching myself for about two years now and my OCs are my most frequent test subjects.

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