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Meet the Storge Side Characters!

I’ve done introductions for the main cast of Storge, links on the WIP page, but a year and a half into having this blog, finishing the draft, half rewriting the story, and re-writing half the story, it occurred to me you’ve never met the rest of the cast! It wouldn’t be an epic without a glossary of people to keep track of, right? Never fear, here’s a quick color coded reference: Gold characters are allies of my protagonists, friends and family members who don’t get their own POV. Purple characters are Atilan – the ruling class that oppresses the Laine’s religion and the Debilan population. Red characters are anarchists – rebels who seek to overthrow the Atilan and often hurt the Debilan in the crossfire. Blue characters are avians, usually the neutral party, who are unfairly pulled into the conflict. My goal was to create a believable world with realistic background actors who still felt like real people, and I hope you enjoy getting to know them today. So attempting to avoid spoilers, it’s high time I introduced you to the side characters of my high fantasy novel! (If you’re curious, my good friend Katie Koontz, who’s appeared on this blog before in an interview and in the gallery, drew the header image for today’s article)

Aimon and Anda Laine – The parents of Enne, Luca, and Grace. Both are justifiably overprotective – there’s much to fear when their children possess powers that no Debilan cannot legally use, and they practice an outlawed religion. They are extremely hard workers who do their best to support their kids. However, the pressure they put on Luca to never publically use his magic leads to a moral dilemma where he’s forced to choose between betraying the family’s safety and protecting innocent lives. Throughout the story, they’re forced to confront the reality that their children are growing up and must make their own decisions. In a scary world with no right answers, they learn how to become better guardians: advising others with wisdom, accepting their choices, weathering the fallout with fairness and forgiveness, and soon become leaders in their community.

Aimon is a tireless worker and trained street fighter who defends his family to the last breath, and trains Grace to protect her siblings. He’s soft-spoken and gentle, the first to diffuse an argument or comfort a crying child. Anda is a firecracker of a woman, with exacting spell craft, steel nerves and a sharp wit. Her understanding of the city’s conflict and decisive action anchor her family through the worst events, and she refuses to break when all seems lost. Their enemies quickly learn that this power couple is not one to be underestimated.

Alex, Eula, and Philomena – Three friends of the Laine family from the church community, called the Artists. Alex is a young, optimistic, and energetic boy who chooses music as his gift after the model of his grandmother, Eula. She is a leader in the congregation, and a wise confidant. They are both present in the arena when the attacks begin. Philomena is a hospitable young woman, the daughter of carpet makers and the guardian of the entrance to their catacomb church, which is accessed from a secret room in the back of her house. Whenever an Artist needs sanctuary, they run to her home to find rest.

Keenan Pawkins The new head of the Atilan guard after his superior died during the Arena attack, promoted by Lyss as he took charge in the wake of carnage. He’s a Daziam Debilan from the farming sector who only joined the guards to earn money for his family after they fell on hard times. While he doesn’t agree with many Lyss’s decrees, he’s torn between his conscience and his duty. The Anarchists are terrorists who murder innocents as they try to destroy their tyrants. The Atilan are the rulers who murder people – criminals – who dare resist them. How to pick the lesser of two evils?

Flegix, Mina, The Head Mistress and Augury Minor members of the Atilan court who begin by trying to win over Lyss’s favor in order to increase their own positions, regardless of whether they love or hate her and the new decrees. Fleglix is the brother of one of the dead council members, trying to leverage his family’s power in the new order. Mina is an up-and-coming courtier who seeks to secure her place among Lyss’s favored few. The Head Mistress is a religious leader who venerates the Daziam water mother goddess, Nymbi, and works in the temple as a magician and teacher. The Augury is the head priest of the temple of Daza, who represents the sun and acts as king of the gods. Together, they lead the city in solidifying the Atilan claim to rule through propaganda, fighting the Anarchist fears,propaganda and persecuting any of the Followers of the Artist – who they call Stains.

Amika, Divad, and Samoth – Minor members of the Anarchist crew, best friends and adopted siblings of Esil. They’re his lieutenants and each takes responsibility for a unique part of organizing the camp operations. Stubborn-minded Amika is the military leader and over enthusiastic arsonist. She’s responsible for training new recruits, running dangerous missions, and placing bombs. The gregarious Divad runs a spy network and assassin ring. He infiltrates Atilan parties with a grin and a vial of poison. Samoth is the logistics coordinator and voice of reason. He brings caution and reality checks to the other’s grand schemes, keeps tabs on camp inventory, runs supply lines, and manages the magical defenses around their base.

Chara Amulearn – Acheran’s sister, Magistra of Trade, and the only levelheaded individual in this entire cast. I have demoted her to a side character as I realized she only had 1 chapter from her POV in the draft, which would be better told from Acheran’s perspective anyhow, and I really needed to simplify things for myself. She’ll still have her introduction available, since I don’t want to remove information, but this is a PSA that she will take a backseat to the family’s dynamic.

Roon Rasch – The general of the Avian forces. Their society is extremely pacifist, because they realize their aerial advantage would mean the end of armies if they ever got involved. They do not want to be known as ruthless conquerors, do not keep an active army, and treat guard work and policing as more of a dirty but necessary job than a calling. Roon is the best officer such a society could promote – a cautious and protective strategist who prizes the lives of his soldiers and can show restraint in battle. This may not objectively be the best tactic, but he will execute it to the best of his ability. Despite his honor, many still look down upon him for choosing to join the military in the first place, thinking those who choose that way of life are inherently destructive. He is defensive of his choices and shares a close relationship with his troops. He maintains a professional dynamic with Chara and the other Magistras, and though he clashes with Acheran at first, they grow to understand each other with time.

Thank you for reading! Who’s your favorite? Are there any you’d like to learn more about? Let me know what you think! If you feel so generously inclined, you can support my writing by leaving me a tip on my Kofi or donating using the secure box below. Until next time, thanks for reading and happy writing!


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