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March Goals Recap

Honestly, the fact that I finished this all shocked me, given the slow start to the month. I was super busy with social events, a bunch of exams and group projects, two trips to Philly, two flat tires (unrelated), and spring break, which was spent doing boring adulty stuff like taxes. From the look of this graph, it seems like I have a nicely defined and productive almost-daily writing habit, but the truth is most of this happens in adrenaline-inspired bursts when I should actually be doing my homework. Sorry, not sorry, Mass Transfer, fiction is much more fun.

Won across the board! 7/7 goals

Edit ch. 3+4 of Storge: Not only did I finish these two chapters, I’m halfway through chapter 5 as well! I hoped to also finish chapter 5 but forgot I had an exam this week and couldn’t justify procrastinating bio notes to reach a stretch goal lol

Check in with Betas: I currently have two betas (and my mom+little siblings) still reading, and while they aren’t finished yet, I have pretty unanimous feedback on certain story elements that still don’t quite land. I hope to have this process finished by the end of the school year so I can rewrite my final draft this summer before looking for professional editors.

Finish Sora story: for those of you who might not know, Sora is my Airbender OC from an Avatar the Last Airbender homebrew trrpg I play with my best friends. My DM realized that she’s ridiculously similar to Luca as a character (I guess I have a type, at least in which existential crisis I’m going to give my favorites lol), and bribed me with inspiration points to write and extremely self-indulgent crossover fanfic AU in which they meet in the spirit realm and give each other advice. It ended up being 12 pages long. Oops.

Website and Instagram schedule: I shuffled around my plans a bit this month but still hit every week!

Read Furry Fiction book + Start Mistborn + Update Goodreads: A grab-bag of reading goals for the month. I bought a storybundle of nonfiction writingcraft books back in October and I’ve slowly been working through them to supplement my fiction diet of Sanderson and friend’s work haha.

Write newsletter story with Kit Kat: I wanted to read the Furry Fiction book this month because I planned to write a story for my newsletter from KitKat’s perspective. He’s a weasel animal companion in Runaways that many of my betas wanted to know more about. As I wrote, I decided I liked the Twins angle more instead, so the construction changed, but he still makes a cameo! You can still get this story by signing up if you missed it – everyone gets the story backlog in their second email!

Beta read for Faye: Remember this interview I did with Christian fantasy writer and disability advocate, Faye Fite, about her series The Terebinth Tree Chronicles? Well, book 4 is coming out soon, and I was thrilled to have the chance to help beta read it. The story is every bit as interesting as the others in the series and I highly encourage you all to check it out whenever it’s available! In the meantime, you can also read my summary of the rest of the series.

That’s all I have for today, so thank you for reading! What are you working on this month? I want this blog to be more than me shouting into the void, and so if I can use this platform to help boost other creators, I’d love to see your work too. If you want to have your recommendations and/or your own writing featured in a Resource Rec post, or if you want to collaborate with me, you can leave a comment below for both, or contact me on either tumblr or IG!

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