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March Goals Recap

Happy Easter! Thank you for being patient with the delay in my posting schedule from Friday to today. I wanted to observe Good Friday with my family, and didn’t think it was appropriate to post this at the same time, so I waited to publish it until after the holiday. A new post on worldbuilding will be going up on this upcoming Friday too, so that will get me back into the regular schedule.

That being said, I’m happy to show that I did win this month after two relatively unsuccessful months. The spring semester is still in full swing, and with the way my classes coordinate, I have an exam in a different subject nearly every week. In February, I didn’t realize this, and was way too ambitious with how many goals I set. I also tried to multitask, so I made incremental progress but didn’t get anything actually marked off. Keeping that in mind, I was able to change my approach for this month, and I think it worked pretty well!

14 / 22 goals overall

5 / 7 Writing Goals

Finish “Four Hours for Bridge Four” – this is my Stormlight Archive fanfic. It’s mostly drafted, but the last 4 chapters need to be fixed up before I can post them, and I didn’t have time to get around to that unfortunately.

Write two chapters of “Lost and Found Again” – this is my poor Newsies fanfic that’s on indefinite hiatus while I prioritize other stories. Since I chose to not multitask and prioritize Storge, I wasn’t able to do this either.

Draw 15 things – Class doodles save the day again! As always, you can check out my OC art on my Instagram under the “my art” highlight on my page.

Finish Mort / start reading Oathbringer – Audiobooks save the day again! I’m in part 3 of Oathbringer now and I’m losing my mind a little, but I’ll stop myself there before this post turns into a Stormlight rant lol

Finish TCOMC series and publish all the March posts on time + canva graphics – this is a goal all of it’s own because that series (and the graphics to go with it) were a huge time commitment. I’m very happy with how it turned out, and that it was pretty well received! I promise I’ll pick a shorter book for April’s Worldbuilding Reading Rec though. (In case you missed it: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)

Post 2x a week on Instagram – I’m very bad at remembering to do this so I post reminders, and sometimes ignore the reminders, but I did manage to do this! I think I’m going to combine the goals relating to the website and IG for April because I’m starting to think of them as two sides of the same coin.

Edit 5K of Storge – I know 5000 words (that’s right, not 50,000 like during NaNo), is a really small amount in the grand scheme of things but this felt like a huge achievement to me. I’d stalled on this story because editing is so time consuming and reading my old writing is a special kind of painful, so overcoming the mental block was a big deal. The thing that helped pull me out of being stuck was a non-writer friend asking how the story was going out of the blue. For as much as I ramble online, that honestly took me by surprise, especially when he expressed his interest in reading it one day. I ended up writing two entirely new scenes for chapter four and coming up with some fun worldbuilding lore. Really hoping to keep up that momentum in April!

In April, I’ll also be working on Runaways for Camp NaNoWriMo! I set a pretty small goal (only 10K words out of the planned 35K), but I’m hoping to overshoot that, rather than miss a larger goal by a small margin. As of the day I post this, April 5th, I’ve already got about 3000 words done! Good luck to everyone else doing nano, and let me know what you’re working on in the comments!

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