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February Goals Recap

General goals: 16/32 – Won!

Creative goals: 5/14 – Lost by 2

Taking a quick break from The Count of Monte Cristo to post this, but I’ll be back with Part 3 next week! Do you need to catch up? These are the links for Part One and Part Two of this reading recommendation/plot analysis. This past month started spring semester for me, and I unfortunately over-estimated how much free time I would have, especially with this week being midterms. Yikes. 32 goals is a lot even for break, so I’ll definitely be readjusting for March to be a little more realistic and manageable. My other problem is that I tried to multitask, and since I was splitting my time and attention between multiple goals, I didn’t actually finish and mark of either of them. So no points for partial credit, but it’s a lesson learned for next time!

  1. Draw 15 things – you can see some of these under the “my art” highlight on my Instagram page. I spent a lot of time working on expressions, plus developing a design for merfolk! I’ve found that doodling is something I can do to stay focused during zoom calls and multitask, whereas writing requires my full concentration, so this was easier to finish.
  2. Listen through Mag 100 – my current job requires a lot of driving around, and while I can’t write in the car, I can listen!
  3. Read Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson – I just ran out of time on this one. I wanted to read it before Oathbringer, but when it comes down to writing vs reading, writing is normally going to take higher priority for me.
  4. Finish Mort by Terry Pratchett – I’m very close! This is a very fun book, but I do not understand the author’s aversion to chapter breaks. I had to set it down for a week because of studying for exams, but struggled picking it up again because there weren’t any set stopping/starting points to reference when I wanted to reread what I might have forgotten.
  5. Queue website posts ahead of time – I really had to work ahead on the TCOMC series because there was so much rereading to do with each post! If you missed it, I also published a post talking about my process for outlining and keeping track of messy plots which you can find here.
  6. Start being more active on Instagram – That’s right, now I’m posting memes! And WIP progress in the stories!
  7. Do photoshoot with my sister – I had hoped to get more aesthetic photos to post, but the memes were serving well enough that we didn’t bother (and neither of us know how to use mom’s fancy camera but that’s besides the point).
  8. Outline one more chapter of Laoche: This is getting into the point where it takes a lot of time to sit down and organize all the plot points with the timeline, so when I don’t have several hours straight to just focus on that, it doesn’t get done unfortunately. I’ve got a lot of fun ideas just no actual structure on paper.
  9. Finish Laoche map: I’ll be posting this soon here but until then it’s also up on my tumblr!
  10. Write, edit, and publish 1 chapter for LAFA: This is my Newsies fanfic and yes it’s still on hiatus, no I really don’t have an excuse for this one.
  11. Drafting and publish FHfBF: This is my Stormlight Archives fanfic, and I did draft and publish 2 chapters, but I didn’t get through all 7 so this is a loss. I’m super excited to finish it though, I came up with a really clever way to end it and I’m looking forward to seeing people’s reactions. It’s gratifying to be able to get feedback when there’s already fans for a work, whereas with my OCs it’s just me ranting at my ever-patient and long-suffering wonderful friends and family haha.
  12. Outline Runaways: AND I released a WIP intro on tumblr and IG! Formal intro is coming soon here too as soon as I have the chance to batch some posts.
  13. Edit 10k words of Storge – again I don’t really have an excuse outside of being busy and overestimating my speed at editing the tricky beginning parts. Thank you so much for all your patience with this eeeennnndddleeesss project.
  14. Update Website – That’s right, I have big new plans! I want to make a new static homepage with graphics and widgets, and maybe redo the gallery and add an archives feature to find all my old posts by topic. I’ve been designing another website for my karate dojo (long story) and I’ve learned a lot so I’ve got ideas and mock-ups on how to improve this one but didn’t finalize anything yet. Maybe I’ll save this for summer because it’s looking like a BIG project.

That’s all for today! Are you enjoying these goals updates or would you rather see me do something else? What sort of projects have grabbed your attention and demanded all your time? Which of my WIPs are you most curious about? 👀 Tell me about your writing goals in the comments! If you feel so generously inclined, you can support my writing by leaving me a tip on my Kofi or donating using the secure box below. Until next time, thanks for reading and happy writing!


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