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Storge Summarized: A Comic Sans PowerPoint

Cover slide: a background that shows a yellow rose on a green bush with comic sans text. The title reads "Storge" a comic sans powerpoint by Etta Grace. surrounding it are the phrases High Fantasy, no romance, magic and religion are related, snarky chapter titles, disability rep, sibling banter literally 24/7, fantasy political drama and themes and symbolism for days.
Slide 2, labeled Worldbuilding. It has two pictures of a city on the banks of a river and one of the petra edifices. It reads "There are two parts of a city state: human and avian. They're called maaren. they trade with each other-that's important later. Kind of in the desert. A river cuts a canyon through the mountains which have anti-gravity magic that lets the stone buildings tower into the sky like a jenga tower. not your typical high fantasy setting.
Slide 3: titled Politics (okok I know this is boring bear with me for two seconds) It is sectioned into 4 parts. 
The Atilan:
Upper class humans
Do magic
Better than You ™
The Debilan:
Everyone else
Generally poor
Can’t do magic, (in strikethrough) not allowed, idk what you’re talking about I’ve never heard of magic in my life
The Anarchists:
They don’t like you
Want to overthrow the government
The Avians (not humans):
Want to stay out of drama
Generally pretty chill
Traders and crafts folk
Slide 4: Titled "Magic! How does it work?" 
What most people think – 
There’s a whole bunch of gods and the Atilan can do magic because they’re demigods and the “purest” one gets to be in charge
Debilan are mundane servants of the Atilan and the gods

What Actually Happens – 
Magic is a part of the world’s natural energy and can do all sorts of cool stuff
Anyone can do magic.
The anarchists have their own religion, and then there’s a small monotheistic group that’s in hiding because they don’t! conform! And the Atilan Don’t! Like! That! They both have different ideas about magic too but those aren’t relevant right now

To the right side is a drawing of Luca doing magic with golden lines floating around him with the caption "shameless art promo"
Slide 5: titled "Characters!! The laine kids" There are portraits for all 3 and read:
Lovable idiot
Impulsively heroic
Magic battery
Doing his best
Stressed older sister
Aesthetic queen
Can amplify magic
Btw she’s blind
12 (Not a baby!)
She is beauty
She is Grace
She will punch you in the face
Can silence magic
Slide 6: Characters (Avian amulearn siblings)
There are two pictures for the two characters. 
Makes magical stuff
Looks mean, actually a pacifist
Socially awkward eccentric introvert
Kind of a mess (someone help him)
Miss popular
Does not have the time for this nonsense
Slide 7: last slide for characters these are villains. Again, each has a picture.
Lyss Anray
Atilan queen
Used to getting her way
Easily angered with little sense of humor
Anarchist leader
Actually a pretty cool guy once you get pass the trauma and murder
A slide titled "our tangentially related stories stacked in a trench coat masquerading as a plot part 1" It reads as follows: 
The Atilan and the Anarchists hate each other and fight a lot. 
Sometimes the Debilan riot when they get caught in the crossfire.  
It’s a “fun” time. The Laines and Avians are trying to stay out of it. 
Luca and Grace make friends with Acheran when they accidently steal from him. Oops.
The trouble starts when Atilan capture the Anarchist leader and try to publicly execute him. 
The Anarchists object (obviously) and stage a rescue mission 
Lots of people die and Luca and Grace throw themselves into it to save people using their magic.
This is bad for may reasons (obviously) 
It metaphorically dumps gasoline onto an already smoldering city
There is a text box with the first line of the story, which reads, "“It was far too lovely a day for a riot, but not even the but not even the cool breeze flapping the fabric of the trader's multicolored tents could prevent Luca from taking advantage of the fact that there was, in fact, a riot.”
The last slide, titled "Four tangentially related stories stacked in a trench coat masquerading as a plot part 2" It reads, "Lyss and Esil take over the Atilan and Anarchists respectively and begin antagonizing each other. It doesn’t take long for the city to slip into almost civil war
The Laine family goes into hiding because now people are searching for the magic Debilan kids and they don’t want any part of this mess
Lyss tries to bully the Avians into getting involved so Chara is thrown into political tensions while Acheran tries to decide what’s right and wrong
The story splits four ways to follow all the different groups and rotates between their points of view as they deal with the ~consequences~
Everything is more complicated than it probably needs to be
Plot! Twists! About! Backstory!
So…. Yeah!"
There is a conspiracy theorist man meme in the bottom right corner with my icon over the face, with the caption "actual footage of me outlining this book."

Hello Hello! If you’re unfamiliar with this format of story summarizing, the Comic Sans PowerPoint is a trend started over on writeblr by user @incadescent-creativity. I thought it would be fun to share an updated version of my original powerpoint here too as a quick intro to the story. If you’re new to my site, welcome! You can check out my Storge page for links to more detailed posts about this story, and feel free to ask me questions if you want to know more. If you’ve been following this site for a while, then welcome to the long awaited TL;DR of the last four months of posts! Let me know in the comments if you found this useful and informative (or at least entertaining lol).

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